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It is traditional after Free Fringe shows that you put some money in the donation bucket so that the performers make back some of their costs.

So we thought we'd do the same thing! We keep Plan My Fringe going for the love of the Fringe and intend to keep it going for as many years as people want to use us! If nothing else it makes our own planning a lot easier whenever we visit the Fringe.

But we have never directly made any money from Plan My Fringe, and there are costs for development time, server costs, system maintenance, queries etc. that we have to cover.

So we are waving an online donation bucket at you! If Plan My Fringe has helped you in any way, saved you time, saved you money, allowed you to see shows you would otherwise have missed, or anything else, please if possible to contribute whatever you think Plan My Fringe is worth so that we can keep it going. All proceeds will be used for the benefit of enhancing and promoting Plan My Fringe.

Thank you.
The Plan My Fringe Team