Edinburgh Fringe - Statistics

The Team at Plan My Fringe are always interested in the facts and figures behind the Edinburgh Fringe, and we obviously have too much time on our hands. We have provided these stats, graphs and maps because we can! We hope you also find them interesting.

The shows and performance total will regularly change as shows and performances get added or cancelled.

More stats and graphs will be added as we think of them.

Total Shows


Total Performances


Still to Come


In Progress




How many shows can you possibly see at the 2019 Fringe?

321 Shows

The Plan My Fringe algorithm says the maximum number of different shows that could possibly be seen during the 25 days of the Fringe is 321 shows. That averages 12.84 shows a day! If you don't believe us, you can find the proof here.

Average Performances in progress during any time of the day (2nd to 26th August)

Daily Performance Count

Duration of Shows (Minutes)

Shows for each Genre

Heatmap of Fringe Performances

The redder the area, the more performances in that area. To just view a clickable map of the Fringe, go to the Fringe Map