Privacy Policy

The Plan My Fringe web-site and related mobile applications of the same name stores your name, e-mail address and any preferences and options you select. None of this information is ever disclosed to any 3rd party.

We will only ever use your e-mail address for password resets, and very occasional e-mails directly relating to Plan My Fringe. You have to opt-in to receive these occasional e-mails, and can opt-out at any time.

Your name is used purely as a greeting, you may supply a ficticious name if you prefer.

All other preferences and selections you enter are used by Plan My Fringe to enhance your personal Fringe Experience. We may make use of non-personal aggregated data based on your selections for statistical interest and to improve our recommendations.

If you log on via Facebook, we only attempt to retrieve your e-mail address and name for the same purpose as if you'd supplied them directly.