Andy Gunn Acoustic: Whashappenin Edinburgo?!

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Andy Gunn

Music - Blues,Acoustic

Age Limit:

Though known as a world-class electric player, Scotland's own blues guitar virtuoso and radgiest of gadgies, here plays acoustic versions of original and obscure cover songs in a series of acoustic sessions that'll be fun and informal with a few surprise guests. Described as 'a great lost Scottish talent and one of our finest ever blues players', (Medicine Music) Andy has had many highs and lows in life, from recording in Memphis at 17 with Virgin records, to supporting Buddy Guy but also overcoming many hardships. 8/10 (Guitarist Magazine). 'An exceptionally fine guitarist' (UNCUT).


Venue Code:
Venue Room:
Main Room
Laughing Horse @ Dropkick Murphys
Venue Address:
7 Merchant St (off Candlemaker Row)
Venue Postcode:

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