Cathedral Concert: Musica Callada by Federico Mompou

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Joana Gama

Music - Classical

Age Limit:

Stephen Hough wrote: 'The music of Federico Mompou is the music of evaporation. The printed page seems to have faded, as if the bar lines, time signatures, key signatures and even the notes themselves have disappeared over a timeless number of years. We're in a glasshouse... the resulting transparency is unnerving, for it creates a reflection in which our face and soul can be seen'. We'll hear Musica Callada by Mompou, inspired by the verse 'la musica callada, la soledad sonora' (the quiet music, the sonorous solitude) by St John of the Cross.


Venue Code:
Venue Room:
Cathedral Nave
St Mary's Cathedral
Venue Address:
23 Palmerston Place
Venue Postcode:
EH12 5AW

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