Craft Scotland Summer Show 2019

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Craft Scotland and 41 designers/makers from throughout Scotland

Events - Contemporary,Craft

Age Limit:

Discover handmade objects for you, and your home, from 41 Scotland-based makers in one unique location. Browse for curated contemporary craft, including design-led jewellery, textiles, furniture, glass, ceramics and distinctive gifts. A firm fixture in the calendar, the Craft Scotland Summer Show is a celebration of Scottish craft. Explore precious metal and mixed media jewellery, woven cushions and rugs, quilted and printed textiles, hand-thrown ceramics, vibrant glass, forged steel vessels and wooden homeware. Our makers and friendly team will be on-hand to guide you through the process and materials behind the work. Free admission.


Venue Code:
Venue Room:
2nd Floor
White Stuff
Venue Address:
89 George Street
Venue Postcode:

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Fri02/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sat03/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sun04/0811:0017:006:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Mon05/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Tue06/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Wed07/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Thu08/0810:0019:009:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Fri09/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sat10/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sun11/0811:0017:006:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Mon12/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Tue13/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Wed14/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Thu15/0810:0019:009:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Fri16/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sat17/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sun18/0811:0017:006:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Mon19/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Tue20/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Wed21/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Thu22/0810:0019:009:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Fri23/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sat24/0810:0018:008:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sun25/0811:0017:006:000.00Free Non Ticketed