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Kirsty Brinkman

Comedy -

Age Limit:

Kirsty Brinkman (Barshens) is bringing her work-in-progress stand-up hour to the Fringe. Having written the show some time ago, she's been reworking the entire thing to include: jokes (maybe), stories (probably) and something about an identity crisis and growing up emo (hopefully). She's a bit of a legend, a wild card and she's been described as 'the funniest person I have ever met' on two separate occasions, by two very close friends, with (fairly) minimal pressure. Please consider joining her for a sure-to-be fun hour of trying new and funny stuff (broadly speaking).


Venue Code:
Venue Room:
Upstairs Bar
Laughing Horse @ The Golf Tavern
Venue Address:
30-31 Wright’s Houses
Venue Postcode:
EH10 4HR

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Show has been cancelled