Our Man – Free

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Jamie Thrasivoulou / Free Fringe

Spoken Word - Poetry,Storytelling

Age Limit:

This award-winning writer's powerful one-man show tears through the curtain of manners to reveal the wildlife of neo-liberal Britain. An interrogation of masculinity, class, mental health, addiction and criminality; packed with dark humour and inventive wordplay. These are narratives of men no longer here to share stories and those struggling to survive in a system rigged with Tory austerity. This hour-long show delivers harsh truths that cut deep and to the bone; written and performed by a man who has fought the system, lost and been tossed out, only to be rejuvenated. A bombastic verbal delight.

Contains Distressing Themes, Strong Language/Swearing

Venue Code:
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Performing Space
Laughing Horse @ The Raging Bull
Venue Address:
161 Lothian Road
Venue Postcode:

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