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Doria Worden and Jasmine Fan

Dance Physical Theatre and Circus - Immersive,Dance

Age Limit:

There is no such thing as good or bad, there is only perception. In an experiment of subjectivity, Hamburg-based contemporary dance artists Doria Worden and Jasmine Fan explore the range of human experience through sound and movement. With intricate rhythms and playful shapes, an open narrative unfolds in the intimacy of the space. The viewer creates a personal atmosphere by immersing themselves in the performance, listening to their own choice of music as the dancers begin to move. Two women, one dance, an infinite number of experiences. Please bring headphones and a personal listening device.

Please bring headphones and a device for listening to music. Other

Venue Code:
Venue Room:
Hub area
The Edinburgh Yes Hub
Venue Address:
31 Lasswade Road
Venue Postcode:
EH16 6TD

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