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Joshua Coates and Alasdair Pidsley

Theatre - New writing,Solo show

Age Limit:

A fanfic no one asked for, a sprawling eulogy to a deceased robot that wears it's fragile heart on it's sleeve, a meme made by someone you can't relate to. A security robot named Steve has appeared to have drowned itself. This viral event catches the eye of Josh. An obsession is born. But what happens when a fanatic loses trust with what they obsessively adore? Writer and performer Joshua Coates battles with the highs and lows of fandom and the consequences of being let down by what you look up to most. Directed by Alasdair Pidsley.

Strong Language/Swearing

Venue Code:
Venue Room:
The Cellar
Pleasance Courtyard
Venue Address:
60 Pleasance
Venue Postcode:

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Show has been cancelled