The Lock-In Cabaret

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Griffin and Jones / PBH's Free Fringe

Cabaret and Variety - Burlesque,Comedy

Age Limit:

The only way to end your night at Edinburgh Fringe! Join high-energy hosts, Griffin and Jones, for an hour(ish) of late-night chaos, decadence, and mischief from some of the very best variety acts on the Fringe. Expect comedy, magic, variety, burlesque, drunkenness, obscenity, and barely-contained anarchy; The Lock-In Cabaret gets more unpredictable every year!

Audience Participation, Nudity, Strong Language/Swearing

Venue Code:
Venue Room:
French Quarter
PBH's Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms
Venue Address:
West Register Street
Venue Postcode:

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Sat03/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sun04/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Tue06/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Wed07/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Thu08/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Fri09/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sat10/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sun11/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Tue13/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Wed14/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Thu15/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Fri16/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sat17/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sun18/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Tue20/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Wed21/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Thu22/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Fri23/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sat24/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
Sun25/08 *01:0002:001:000.00Free Non Ticketed
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