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First step is to log on or register. When registering, the most important thing is to enter the dates you are visiting. You can change these details any time from the "My Details" screen.
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Click the "Fringe Trail" option to start a Fringe Trail for any day, to manually select which shows you want to see, each one following on from the previous show. Ideally this should be done on days when you have not planned many other Fringe Shows yet.

You can plan as many days as you like using the Fringe Trail, and if you want to you can use the Classic or Recommendations sections for other days during your visit.
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Your Fringe Trail has to start somewhere! Simply enter the location (postcode or Fringe Venue Number), day (during August) and time (HH:MM), and click "See What's on Nearby At That Time.

If you already have a show you want to start from, View it on "My Schedule" (book it first if you haven't done so already), then click "Nearby After".
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When viewing the shows nearby, you can view more details if you wish. When you have decided on the show you want to see, click "Confirm" to add it to your schedule.
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Find the show on your Schedule, then click "Nearby After". This will display shows nearby after the show has finished (subject to the minimum gap in your "My Details" screen).
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Select another show nearby, and repeat until it gets too late for you, or you can't find any more shows you want to see!
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You can view your Fringe Trail schedule at any time by clicking "My Schedule". You can use the Fringe Trail to plan other days, or use other methods to schedule other shows for other days if you prefer.