June 2019 - Fringe Full Programme Available, and new Plan My Fringe features

The official Fringe Programme was released on 5th June, and these have all been included in Plan My Fringe automatically for you to browse and add to your WishList and/or Schedule.

We have also introduced a few more features that may help enhance your Fringe experience:

  • Random option - just click this and you will view a totally random Fringe show. You can add it to your WishList if you like it.
  • FAQ option - a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Edinburgh Fringe itself, with answers based on the experiences of the Plan My Fringe team.
  • Map option - an interactive map showing all Fringe Venues, along with their postcode, address, and number of Fringe shows and performances taking place there.
  • Stats option - some interesting stats and graphs about the Fringe, dynamically updated based on the latest Fringe show and performance data available.

We have also already challenged the "Plan My Fringe" algorithm to beat the 2018 record, and it has beat the record by 1! We have proved it is theoretically possible to see 321 shows in the 25 days of the full Fringe programme, see our proof here.

February 2019 - Plan My Fringe Returns!

Plan My Fringe has returned for 2019! The first batch of shows have been released by the Edinburgh Fringe Team, and they will release more shows on 28th February, 21st March, 18th April, 16th May, with the full programme launch taking place on 5th June.

Plan My Fringe will be updated with any new shows released as soon as these are available. In the meantime you can browse the shows currently available, and add any you like to your WishList.

Press Release - August 2018

Devoted Fringe-Goers Could See 320 Shows at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe!

Click Here to see the Press Release

2 new ways to Plan Your Fringe!

We have introduced 2 new ways to Plan Your Fringe! We have kept the original way of allowing you to rate shows, and our algorithm will schedule them. But you can also use a more manual "Fringe Trail" planning scheme to cram shows into a day, or a more automatic "Recommendations" section that allows you to very quickly plan a Fringe Schedule with our system automatically recommending shows for you, based on your preferences, keywords and / or shows already on your wishlist

And the good news is you don't have to choose which method to Plan Your Fringe, you can any or all of these methods together to get the best Fringe Experience!

More Information - you have to be logged on to use these options

Classic Plan My Fringe - see slideshow here

  • Browse Shows, or search for Shows identified from the brochure, flyers or other means
  • Select the Show
  • Add the Show to your WishList
  • Give the Show a Rating (1-100) based on how much you want to see it - this is optional but higher rated shows are scheduled in preference to lower rated shows
  • Repeat for as many shows as you want
  • Select Your Schedule
  • Click Calculate

Plan My Fringe will automatically schedule the shows for you. You can then confirm which ones you book tickets for or definitely want to see, and these will never be moved. If you find any other shows you want to see, you can repeat the process to see if they can be scheduled in.

Fringe Trail - see slideshow here

  • Select the Fringe Trail option
  • Select your starting venue or postcode and date/time (or alternatively another show on your schedule that you want to start after)
  • See what shows are on nearby after that date/time or show has finished
  • Pick one of the shows you want to see and confirm it
  • Select the Nearby After option
  • Repeat until you have scheduled as many shows as you want on that date
  • You can also repeat this whole process for any other dates you want to plan in this way.

Any confirmed shows will not be moved by any other planning process available

Recommendations - see slideshow here

  • Select the Recommendations option
  • Enter any keywords you want to search for (optional if you already have shows on your WishList)
  • Describe the sorts of shows you want to see (optional)
  • If you have shows on your WishList and want to use these to base recommendations on, leave this tick-box ticked. If you only want to base recommendations on your keywords and description, untick this box.
  • Click Show Recommendations. Recommendations will be listed with the most appropriate at the top
  • Tick any recommended shows you want to add to your WishList
  • Click Add Selected Shows to WishList
  • On your Schedule, click Calculate

Plan My Fringe will automatically schedule the recommended shows for you. Any shows you have manually added to your WishList will take priority over recommendations, unless you go into the recommendation and give it a rating.

Also, for Events and Shows that last over 2 hours, you may not want to see the full show (e.g. some exhibitions are scheduled for most of the day). Plan My Fringe now allows you to see only part of these shows. When adding one of these shows to your WishList, you can choose how long you want to spend there, and select just the first part, last part, any part or specify when you would like to attend. The automatic scheduler will Calculate when you can visit accordingly.

Note: this additional functionality is currently only available via the web-site (although the mobile versions will still show the results of anything planned in this way). The mobile versions will be upgraded shortly to include this functionality.

iPhone/iPad App Upgraded for 2018

The iPhone and iPad application has now been updated for 2018, upgrade your apps now!. More features to come

Plan My Fringe Returns for 2018

Following a successful debut at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Plan My Fringe returns for 2018 better than ever. The iPhone app will be updated shortly, and there will also be an Android version. We have improved the algorithm, and will make some other enhancements ahead of the Fringe start date, come back to this page for more details!

Press Release - August 2017

Devoted Fringe-Goers Could See 314 Shows at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe!

Click Here to see the Press Release