Shannon Matthews the Musical


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Tuppence Ha'penny Productions

Comedy - Musical theatre

Age Limit:

A potty-mouthed romp through this bizarre-but-true story, from cult internet phenomenon and two-hit-wonder Kunt and the Gang. Mother-from-hell Karen Matthews hatches a cunning plan for a shot at fame. Boyfriend Craig Meehan has an unhealthy obsession with his laptop. Uncle Michael Donovan just wants some company and a couple quid for baccy. Yorkshire copper DI Radgitt must unravel the lies to find missing girl Shannon Matthews (aged nine). This is a fictional representation based on research from previous media publications however some references to events are entirely fictional or drawn from the imagination of the writer.

Contains distressing themes, Strong language/swearing

Venue Code:
Venue Room:
Just Up the Road
Just the Tonic at The Caves
Venue Address:
Rowantree Bar
Venue Postcode:

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